Lassie’s Barks Ignored, Thought to be Hunger Related — Timmy Found Dead in Well, Days Later

By HUGO HENTOFF Feb. 5, 2016

Neighborhood boy, Timmy Martin, was playing near an abandoned well when he fell in, unable to get out. Lassie, the beloved collie who has saved the day countless times, witnessed the incident and rushed home to warn her owners, the Stevenson family. The Stevensons ignored Lassie’s barking, believing it to be hunger related. When she persisted, they threw her into her crate for the night.

Lassie pictured with the deceased

A search team eventually discovered Timmy, but, without Lassie’s help, they were too late. “If only someone could have led us to that well, we could have saved that little boy” said Police Chief Richards.

When asked if Timmy suffered, Richards said, “Definitely. Both legs were broken from the fall and three of his ribs were shattered. Unfortunately, his head was uninjured, so he was completely conscious during his four days of agony in that well. Claw marks were found on the walls, but we suspect he stopped trying to escape once his fingers became the bloody stumps they are now.”

Lassie has neglected to comment, but speculators believe she does not feel like a “good dog.”

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