Radical Student Activist Thinks Racism Wrong

By HUGO HENTOFF April 12, 2016

Student activist Audrey Jones has shocked the Bowdoin community by expressing her radical belief that racism is wrong.

Radical Student Activist Thinks Racism Wrong copy
                      Illustrated by Blanche Froelich

“I believe that racism is definitively bad,” said Jones, “and I don’t care who knows. This might be controversial, but I think hating someone because of his or her skin color is wrong. I feel that white supremacy, at its core, is very problematic.”

Jones’ stance has elicited strong support from her peers. “Audrey is just so brave,” said Michael Taylor, a friend of Jones. “To stand up and proudly denounce racism is such a radical and courageous thing to do. She is truly amazing.”

Reports indicate that Jones is currently preparing an equally revolutionary statement condemning homophobia. The statement will likely take the form of a Facebook profile picture of a red equals sign.

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