7 Things Only Kids Whose Father Beat Them in The 90’s Will Understand

By HUGO HENTOFF May 11, 2016

The 90’s was such a crazy time. Other generations will never get to know what it was like to grow up in that decade. If you’re a 90’s kid, all of your memories will always be so distinctly 90’s — especially the memories of child abuse. There are just some things that only kids whose father beat them in the 90’s will understand.

1. When you’d beg your dad to wear Socker Boppers and he wouldn’t

1 copy

2. The one thing sweeter than a Baby Bottle Pop was when your dad went on a business trip


3. Furby was the only friend you could confide in


4. You could write “HELP” in all the different colors


5. You tried to role away in your dope new shoes, but dad was too fast


6. When Scooby Doo could cover up the wounds on your arm, but not your soul


7. You took all your pent up rage out on your Tamagotchi, knowing he would eventually abuse his own Tamagotchi, thus continuing the horrible cycle




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