Student’s Homework Starting to Cut Into “13 Reasons Why” Time

By HUGO HENTOFF Apr. 21, 2017

Bowdoin Sophomore Gary Flanderson is petitioning his professors to assign less homework this semester, citing his inability to find time to watch 13 Reasons Why as his primary motivator.

“It’s pretty clear that what my professors are doing to me is unjustly cruel,” said Flanderson. “They are putting me in a position where I have to choose between doing my homework and watching teen heartthrob Clay Jensen uncover the mystery of a girl’s suicide. God, this school is so unfair it makes me want to kill myself and leave 13 video notes explaining why I did it.”

Brian Yorkey, the show’s developer, said that he has heard many stories like Flanderson’s since the drama premiered on Netflix earlier this month. “Suicide is a very important and profitable issue,” said Yorkey, “and I think it reveals a total lack of empathy when educators don’t give their students enough time to fully experience the sheer tragedy, horror, and sexiness of teen suicide.”

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