Straight Guy Works Up Courage to Enter Women’s Resource Center Photo-Shoot Alone


Onlookers applauded and cheered as sophomore male Richard Little entered the Women’s Resource Center nude photo-shoot alone.

Sources say that Little pumped himself up for 15 minutes near the Café, while muttering to himself, “It’s OK to go in, they want us to look at the exhibition, it’s not creepy.” Little reportedly walked toward the entrance of the gallery and back to the Café more than seven times.

WRC Photoshoot
                                          Illustrated by Blanche Froelich

Little is the first straight male Bowdoin student to see the gallery of the fully naked female students without the accompaniment of a female friend or at least two other males. Once inside, Little walked slowly around the room, making sure not to look at a particular image for too long or breathe audibly. After an uncomfortable three minutes, Little left the gallery and walked out of the Union as quickly as he could.

When asked for comment after the incident, Little started to say that the gallery made him realize that naked female bodies aren’t inherently sexual objects, but when senior Harriet Yoni walked by, Little turned red in the face, looked at the ground, and shuffled his feet.

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