Sustainable Bowdoin Encourages Students to Pee in Shower


In an effort to conserve water, Sustainable Bowdoin has begun a campaign encouraging students to pee in the shower.

Sustainable Bowdoin
                               Illustrated by Blanche Froelich

“It is critical that Bowdoin students be constantly aware of their impact on the Earth’s resources, especially when cleansing their naked bodies,” said student representative Daniella Roe.

“We thought the poster with the girl from Psycho would be effective,” continued Roe, “but we still think Bowdoin’s water use is too high. The college didn’t approve our shower buddies program, but this is the next best thing.”

“I’m holding in my pee in all day so I don’t use any water,” said another member. “I may get a UTI, but it will be worth it to save Mother Gaia.”

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