Freshman Hockey Player Spends Weekend With Grandkids

By SAM HALPERT Nov. 4, 2016

Freshman hockey player Jack Levine was spotted Saturday morning departing on the Amtrak Northeast Regional train to Boston where he was met by two of his three loving children and his four grandchildren.

     A photograph of the freshman

Upon arriving at his son’s home in Waltham, Mass., Levine took a two-hour nap in the guest bedroom. Later, Levine was sighted playing scrabble with his grandchildren before visiting his family’s lawyer to finalize his will. After making plans to play golf with the attorney the following day, Levine returned to his son’s home for a late 5:45pm dinner.

After a relaxing weekend with his children, grandchildren, and attorney, Levine returned to Winthrop Hall where, sources confirmed, he taped a sheet of paper to the outside of his door, labeling his room, “The Fornication Station.”

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