Bowdoin Bubble Scheduled For Maintenance

By EMMA KELLOGG Nov. 8, 2016

The Bowdoin Bubble is set to undergo routine maintenance and upgrades starting this Saturday and continuing through the following week, announced Facilities Management.

                The bubble protects us. The bubble loves us.

Facilities warned that during this time students may experience a range of strange phenomena, ranging from a few inconvenient truths to full blown reality. The college, however, is fully equipped to deal with the mechanical and emotional inconveniences that often arise during Bubble upkeep.

The community can also expect some “fun new features” to be added to The Bubble, such as “social media synchronization” and “personalized reality filtration.” Overall though, Facilities Management stresses that this is a temporary Bubble outage and full-world insulation will be restored and fully functioning by next Sunday.



Image source: Under the Dome

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