First-year pre-law student “very concerned” about senior year coursework

By WILL HAUSMANN Oct. 4, 2018

At 7:00 am on Monday morning, Bowdoin first year pre-law student Peter Roux was found in front of Hubbard Hall. He was anxiously reading the Bowdoin course guide while sitting on a stack of LSAT review books.

Roux reported that he was waiting for his advisor Paul Franklin to arrive so they could “immediately” discuss his senior schedule. “I still have 2 open spots left in my schedule for 2021-2022 but I’m stuck between four classes,” Roux said.

After being informed that Round 1 course selection for his senior year won’t start for another two and half years, Roux replied “actually the college just introduced a special round 0 deluxe registration portal only accessible if your parents have a building named after them. I technically don’t have access yet, but the college keeps telling me it will be ‘available soon.’”

According to Roux, he really wants to nail down his schedule for his time at Bowdoin so he can get on with deciding how many times per day he should mention that his parents are trustees.

He is still deciding what law school to attend after graduation, stuck between the tried and true alma mater of his parents, Harvard Law, or the “more niche” and “alt” option of Yale Law. Either way, he is certain that he will make sure to talk about the decision loudly in Thorne every chance he gets.

When asked about his professional ambitions, Roux reported that he will probably just be a partner at his “daddy’s law firm for a while,” but he is considering working on his mom’s investigative reporting about nepotism in corporate America.

The interview with Roux was cut short because he had an urgent meeting with the registrar about potentially double majoring in Government and Cocktail Party Etiquette.

As Roux turned the corner walking away, Franklin was seen crawling out from behind a hiding place in the bushes next to Hubbard.

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