Student Watches Pornography in Protest of Bowdoin’s New IT Policies – Protests Five Times in One Day

By HUGO HENTOFF Feb. 11, 2016

In response to the Bowdoin IT department’s new security policy prohibiting the viewing of pornography on the school’s Wi-Fi network, student activist, Dan O’Connell, has been visiting numerous X-rated websites as a form of protest. O’Connell sometimes expresses his dissent five times in a single day.

“Dan is an inspiration,” said Trevor Mitchel, O’Connell’s roommate. “The sheer stamina and force of will needed to protest for so long and so often is astonishing. I’ve started doing my homework in the library so I don’t disturb him while he protests.”

“Protesting has taught me so much,” said O’Connell.

While this is O’Connell’s first demonstration to garner media attention, he says he has been a devoted activist for years. “I began to experiment with protest in middle school. An older boy in the neighborhood was an activist and he used to take me to the woods behind his house and show me how to protest. I miss those days. I love protesting alone, but there’s really nothing like protesting with a friend.”

O’Connell is determined to continue protesting until the IT department repeals their new security policy. “I am prepared to protest six, maybe even seven times a day if it means exposing the injustice of the pornography ban. I may even continue protesting after the ban is lifted.”



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