Students Unsure if “Gay Bash” Posters Advertise Party or Hate Crime

By HUGO HENTOFF Feb. 15, 2016

“Gay Bash” posters hung up throughout the Bowdoin campus have left students wondering whether the school will be sponsoring a queer themed party or a hate crime next weekend.

Gay Bash Poster“I don’t think that Bowdoin would allow flyers that advocate the bashing of homosexuals,” said one student, “but a lot of things in this poster point to that. For example, there’s a period instead of an exclamation point after the ‘Be There’ so it seems more determined than excited, which is worrisome.”

“There isn’t much else to do on Friday nights,” said another student, “so I’m probably going to at least stop by. I’d prefer not to participate in a hate crime, but I’m a pretty open-minded guy, so I might try it.”

While the “Gay Bash” posters have been subject to heavy controversy around campus, the “Gangsters and American Indians” dress-up party next Saturday is expected to be a huge success.

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