“Just Outside of Boston” to Become Independent Country

By ETHAN BEVINGTON Feb. 18, 2016

Residents of the greater Boston area have begun the process of forming a sovereign nation, Just Outside of Boston.

“We are tired of being marginalized by the USA,” said Logan McNamara, a JOB resident. “People will ask you where you are from and you’ll tell them, Just Outside of Boston, and then the oppression begins. We have had enough.”

The revolutionary leaders of Just Outside of Boston

Designing the flag has proven to be the most difficult endeavor for the new nation. Some have proposed simply flying a pair of salmon shorts from a flagpole, while others have suggested a design depicting a pair of a Sperrys below a Canada Goose coat, denoting the two seasons of JOB.

When Just Outside of Boston residents were told they would now need passports to travel from JOB to Nantucket, many supporters completely dropped the agenda.



Image Source: http://theodysseyonline.com/suny-geneseo/dress-like-frat-boy/283391

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