Considerate Man Invites All Subway Patrons Into His Conversation


Matthew Rogers, an aspiring DJ in Brooklyn, recently displayed incredible understanding of the nuances of manners, and invited all other subway riders into his phone conversation.

“I just didn’t want anyone to feel left out,” said Rogers. “Back in high school people would exclude me from things because I was too good looking and my biceps were too big and stuff like that. I didn’t want to make anyone on the subway feel like that.”

“What he did was very thoughtful,” said one passenger. “I would have had to strain to hear him if he would’ve spoken quietly. Instead, Matthew shouted so no one had to put in any effort to be involved in his personal phone call.”

“Taking care of my conversation outside or at a low volume would just betray everything I stand for. Everyone would totally want to hear me talk to my boy Chad about our plans this weekend.”

Rumors are circulating that Matthew will put his conversation on speaker next time so both ends of the call can be heard clearly.


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