7 Pictures of Grapes to Get You Through Finals

By JACOB BASKES Dec. 12, 2016

Having a tough finals week? Here are 7 pictures of grapes to help you get through it!

We did say grapes (pl), but here is one singular grape. Good enough to get you through to tomorrow!


What we love about grapes is that no matter how many there are, they are still grapes. Why bother with the Writing Center when you can have a bunch of grapes?


While these aren’t technically considered grapes per se, they also grow on vines. Close enough to keep your finals motor running!


Grapes can also be close together or farther apart, like they are in this picture, and we’re still more than happy to call them grapes. Who needs a tutor when you have spread out grapes?


We’re pretty sure Arthur has talked about grapes at least a little bit, so here’s this picture of Prof. Aardvark himself. If this doesn’t inspire you to finish up that paper, then we don’t even know what to say!


Unfortunately, we ran out of pictures of grapes, so here is a book with the word “Grapes” in the title. Maybe you should read it?


We’ll just leave this one here.



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