Professor Really Spicing Up Class as Course Questionnaire Nears

By JAANA SINGH Dec. 14, 2016

As course questionnaires approach, Bowdoin Professor Charles Hardwick has reportedly been spicing up his History of Racial Oppression class in order to garner more positive reviews of his teaching.

During the last two weeks of the semester, the professor has dramatically altered the structure of his class, which now features homemade sugar cookies every morning, up to 40 extra credit points for laughing at his jokes, and a completely edible final exam.

Hardwick has also modified his lectures to appeal to a younger audience. “I needed to show the kids that I’m down with youth culture, that I’m on a fleek,” said Hardwick. “So now every other slide in my PowerPoint features a dank meme. Whatever it takes to connect with the students.”

                            “This is fun. We are having fun.”

“One time he brought his 4-year-old kid to class so we’d feel obligated to write him good reviews,” said a student in Hardwick’s course. “The kid didn’t even want to be there, he was crying the whole time. Like, a solid 80 minutes of tears in a 90-minute seminar. I hope Professor Hardwick is up for tenure or something; otherwise this past week will have been the most depressing experience of my life.”


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