Local Pedophile Seriously Disappointed After Performance of ‘Blown Youth’

By SUMMERS ASKEW Feb. 24, 2017

Local pedophile Isaac Gables was incredibly disappointed after attending last weekend’s performance of Blown Youth. Produced by Masque and Gown, the show apparently “did not deliver what it promised,” and left the man “seriously frustrated.”


“Just to be clear, I mean sexually frustrated,” Gables clarified. “I really had my hopes up. I’m kind of a niche audience, so I appreciate a nod to my interests. Little did I know, this was all about women over the age of eighteen. What a rip-off.”

The Brunswick Police Department has stated that Gables will not be allowed on campus again, but did suggest that the theater group change the name of next fall’s production to prevent future misunderstandings. Masque and Gown’s fall 2017 production is currently titled, “Sex with Children.”

4 thoughts on “Local Pedophile Seriously Disappointed After Performance of ‘Blown Youth’”

  1. I’m all for satire, but this doesn’t seem to satirize pedophilia quite as much as it puts it at the center of a seriously not funny joke. The Harpoon has an impressive way of putting out hilarious content that is generally not directed at any one group. I can’t quite say the same about this piece. I figured the word pedophilia lost its humor in middle school when most of us realized exactly what it is, and just how traumatic it can be for victims. Disappointed that the Harpoon approved of this material. Disappointed that the message is so clearly “sexual abuse of children is funny and we can’t even care to condemn it in a satirical manner”.

    Just an unfortunate article. Crossing my fingers that no one in the Bowdoin community who has been a victim of pedophilia comes across this and experiences the pain of realizing that their incredibly sad past is a joke among their peers. Also hoping that children who are current victims of the abuses that stem from pedophilia are receiving better support than the Bowdoin community has proven they would be willing to provide. And let’s not forget that pedophilia itself is a disorder like any other that can have devastating psychological consequences for the pedophile.

    Really think about this one (it’s basic but it MIGHT just help you out): pedophilia is a sexual attraction toward CHILDREN that sometimes results in sexual abuse. We’re talking about child molestation, child porn, emotional abuse. How in the world could this be funny?

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  2. I am a current junior. While I am a BIG fan of comedy – and enjoy the Bowdoin Harpoon’s satirical pieces, I did find your article to be particularly problematic. I ask that you consider the implications of making a joke out of the sexual abuse against children and the stereotypes of who a pedophile is.

    To the Bowdoin Harpoon, I ask that moving forward you consider these questions and take a step back from making people laugh and remember that for some of your readers – this will NEVER be funny. It was in poor taste.


  3. I’d personally like more articles about pedophiles attending local theatrical productions, but that’s just me.


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