Alt-Right Leaders Urge Supporters to Acknowledge Intersectionality of Their Bigotries

By HUGO HENTOFF Feb. 27, 2017

In an attempt to unify white nationalists across America, leaders of the alt-right are urging supporters to acknowledge and examine the many ways in which the intersectional nature of their bigotries affect how they perceive and interact with the world around them.

“It’s important to foster a community of empathy and acceptance for all white racists, no matter the color he specifically hates,” said alt-right spokesman Richard Spencer. “People think they can separate the many parts of their identity—all the different prejudices they hold—into discreet little chunks, but it doesn’t work that way.”

Spencer continued, “For example, I don’t like Koreans. I don’t like black people. I really don’t like Jews. Those biases are tangled up together; they shape each other. The way I hate Koreans affects the way I hate Jews, and the way I hate black people affects the way I hate Jews, and the way I hate Jews affects the way I really fucking hate Jews. The manner in which these hatreds intersect plays a crucial role in how our repulsiveness manifests itself. There’s no telling what we’ll achieve once white supremacists across the nation are able to recognize and celebrate the ever-changing multiplicities of our bigotries.”

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