Bowdoin Organic Garden’s “Free Grow” Initiative Stocks Campus Bathrooms with Fresh Spinach

By JACOB BASKES Mar. 29, 2017

Bathrooms across campus have been stocked with fresh, leafy greens as part of Bowdoin Organic Garden’s new “Free Grow” initiative, which hopes to inspire healthy eating this spring.

Free Grow
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In a statement on the BOG’s Facebook page, the group expressed its desire to give students the opportunity to “feel clean and healthy at any point during the day.” The new initiative is the beginning of a multi-step plan to bring healthy eating to all students, no matter where they are on campus. “We hope to be finished by 2020,” the post continued, “at which point every bathroom on campus will have a small, self-sustaining, aquaponic garden.”

The Garden received funding from BSG’s Good Ideas Fund, despite every committee member identifying as strict carnivores. “We really know very little about vegetables,” said one member, “but, as allies, we’re really excited to plant spinach in bathrooms.”

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