New Polaris Classfinder Features “Easy-A” Filter

By JACOB BASKES Apr. 23, 2017

Classfinder (BETA) has rolled out on the Polaris website, and among many other brand-new features, it includes an “Easy-A” filter.


The new program was introduced just in time for course registration for Fall 2017, and students have praised its improvement over the previous version. “I never knew what was available to me,” said one junior. “I have extremely low motivation, and the new ‘Easy-A’ filter shows me exactly what classes I can take without having to exert myself in the slightest.”

Through the first round of registration, classes like History of Jazz and Any Sociology Course have seen a record number of requests, while certain higher-level courses have yet to be requested once.

Probable additions in the next Classfinder update include a professor beauty rating and a service that tells users what courses their ex has requested.

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