Bowdoin Football Aims to Improve Record to 1-7

By JACK ARNHOLZ Sep. 5, 2017

The Bowdoin Football team has announced that they hope to improve their record this year to 1-7, a considerable change from last year’s 0-8 record.

“We know this might be a hard milestone to reach,” said sophomore Ralph Richards, “but anything is possible if you believe hard enough. You know what I mean?”

Bowdoin College Athletics, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, Brian Beard - CIP
                                                     Be better.

Head Coach Bob Hernandez says last year’s 0-8 record could be attributed to players focusing too much on schoolwork. “It seemed like they just disappeared from the field,” said Hernandez.

“I guess we’re the underdog this season,” Richards said, “but I guess it’s better to be the underdog than the abovedog. You know what I mean?”

The team’s first game will be September 16th against Williams College, which the team expects to lose.

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