Returning Student Has Charming Conversation With P-MSSQL2014-IN2-INST2

By JACOB BASKES Sep. 8, 2017

Upon returning to campus, sophomore Karen Pratt had a lovely email correspondence with P-MSSQL2014-IN2-INST2, Bowdoin’s Mail Center package notification system.

Returning Student Has Charming Conversation
                                   The heart wants what the heart wants

Pratt received a welcome surprise upon seeing a message in her inbox on Sunday, and responded by thanking the automated system for his generosity throughout the years. “Should we maybe take this to the next level?” she asked at one point in her email. “All you have shown me is kindness, and I haven’t yet had the opportunity to give you anything in return,” she continued, before asking if the inanimate figment of the internet would be available in the Mail Room after 5:00 PM.

When Pratt did not receive a response within the hour, she immediately ordered a bouquet of flowers from Amazon with one-day shipping. The next day, she seemed to be expecting a lovely gift from her electronic crush.

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