Trump Visits Hiroshima, Glad It Wasn’t “Real Disaster” Like Hillary’s Emails

By BEN WONG Oct. 11, 2017

On his most recent visit to Japan, President Trump made a point to visit Hiroshima, the site of the U.S. nuclear bombing that ended WWII.

Trump Visits Hiroshima
“I’m giving such a fantastic speech right now. It’s really, very tremendous. I hope you all understand English, because I’m doing very well.”

In an internationally televised speech, Trump spoke to high ranking Japanese officials about the events. “We are so honored to be here today, so tremendously honored. And looking around me, it’s so clear that your people, your Japan people, have really recovered from this catastrophe really, very well. I am so glad you all avoided a real disaster here. A real disaster like Hillary’s emails.”

Ignoring gestures from both American and Japanese officials to leave the stage, he continued. “And let me tell you something about that crooked lady, let me tell you. All those emails – have you seen them? All those emails are so, so terrible. Real tragedies. And I’m so happy your country didn’t go through the real horror we all saw in her inbox. You’re all lucky, really. We are all so lucky.”

While his press team scrambled to address the initial negative backlash, President Trump took matters into his own hands to ameliorate the situation. He was quoted later that day convincing Japanese officials that Hillary would never be a problem for them, saying he had told her to “Fukushima off”. He then promptly asked them all if they wanted to “snag a saki.”

Hillary’s email server was ERROR 404 – SERVER NOT FOUND for comment.

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