Bowdoin Implements 89.4%/D/Fail Policy

By SARA BARONSKY Apr. 18, 2018

Last Monday, the Office of the Registrar announced, to near-universal dismay, that from now on students who choose to take classes Credit/D/Fail must accept an 89.4% for passing work. While students could previously opt to receive a grade of CR for work at a level of C- or above, students who choose the policy for the fall of 2018 will receive an 89.4%, which is the grade representative of the highest possible score that cannot be rounded up to an A-, even if the professor stretches it a little because a student has participated a lot in class, she seems to be demonstrating improvement from her abysmally low midterm grade, or the professor just wants to give that student a little break for once in her life.

Said Economics Professor Derek Melson, “gosh, it’s hard because with an 89% I maybe could do something. But with that pesky little .4% my hands are really tied. If only I could have been clearer about when some of those assignments were due,” Melson said, shaking his fist at the sky as if appealing to God above, “or possibly accepted late work, even for partial credit!”

At press time no students seemed visibly bitter, especially not this reporter.

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