BSG Election Recalled After Unnamed Dot Wins Executive Committee Position

By JACOB BASKES Apr. 23, 2018

The Bowdoin Student Government sent out a campus-wide email last night announcing the recall and rescheduling of the Executive Committee elections. Inside sources tell us that the problem involves the election of a blank dot over sole Chair of Student Affairs candidate Ben Painter.

While the election was live last week, many students noticed the second option available for the position for which there was just a single candidate. “It was a bit surprising,” said Amari Stone, a junior. “At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I read the second platform and was deeply moved. I voted for her — him? it? — because I’m looking for change and simplicity in the BSG.”

A spokesperson for the BSG announced that the full cause of the recall will not be announced to the student body, but that it certainly involves some “qualms among the current Executive Committee surrounding the placement of a nonexistent being in an executive position, although it was a pretty solid platform.”

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