‘Occident’ Released, Bowdoin Orient Drops to 3rd Best Campus Satire Publication


Each year, the Bowdoin Orient releases its attempt at comedy, publishing an eight-page collection of all of the jokes they manage to think of throughout the year. Despite the anticipation surrounding the 2018 edition, released this past Friday, the official vote has now dropped the Orient from second to third place on the list of Best Campus Satire.

The vote took place within minutes of members of the committee picking up the limited-edition satire paper. “There were just a lot of, I don’t know, ‘69’s” said Junior Voting Member Ethan Bevington, co-Editor in Chief of the Bowdoin Harpoon. “I’m really not biased, I promise. Last year I voted The Orient well above my own paper, just because I thought it was funnier, but now I’ve actually seen how they write satire. They need to do better.”

Last year, the Orient topped the Harpoon to take second place. In 2018, first place was awarded yet again to Emails from the Bowdoin Student Government, which have been far and away the funniest thing on campus. This is the sixth consecutive year that the BSG has earned the award.

There has been some controversy surrounding the vote, specifically centered on the fact that The Orient seems to have hired an entirely new set of staff writers for the ‘Occident’ edition. “Who are Biddie O’Hoolihan, Freeloader, and Jake Baskets?” asked Meadow Davis, the faculty overseer of the committee. “I would really like to see what the normal crew has to say, like Harry and Sarah and Cauldron McFudge.”

Otherwise, the only notable change to the list is the appearance of, after only four hard years of trying and a 2017 diploma, the Sporadic Sink. “Yeah, that’s what I thought,” said the scary man in the Uncle Sam hat.

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