Students Sign Up for PEN15 Club at Activities Fair

By JACOB BASKES Sept. 12, 2018

Excited first-years and seniors scrambling for resume builders flocked to Smith Union last night to tour the hectic maze of student groups fighting to attract new members. Among those groups was Bowdoin’s newly chartered PEN15 Club, which amassed an email list of three hundred and twelve students and signed the club name in Sharpie on each of those students’ hands.

According to the PEN15 Blink page, the club is “Bowdoin’s chapter of a larger organization present in middle schools throughout the nation.” Brought to the College by three students who worked with twelve-year-olds at sports camps this past summer, the club was a clear hit last night.

“We hold our meetings weekly in Druck 169, but are hoping to have some retreats to Pen Island soon, “ said the chair of the club, who has asked to be identified only as Seymour Butts. Other members have similarly asked to be known only as Ben Dover, Harry Cox, and Lisa Rendall. “We do a lot more than write on people’s hands,” said Butts. “Sometimes we’ll type 59009 into a calculator and flip it over.”

Students who walked by Tuesday night’s table noticed inappropriate behaviors among PEN15 members, such as attempting to pull off athletes’ sweatpants. “It was weird,” said a female student who reported that the club leaders continually ran up behind her before scurrying away once she turned around. “They were yelling ‘cooties!’ and giggling the whole time,” she added. “Really weird.”

Current SAFC records show that the PEN15 club has requested $69,069 in funds to be allocated to ‘boobies lol.’ SAFC chair Harry Sherman did not comment on whether or not the budget was filled, but was adamant about keeping his left hand behind his back throughout his interview with The Harpoon.

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