Sophomore "Super Different," Wears Checkered Vans, Listens to Brockhampton


Having an impressive knowledge of rap-group Brockhampton’s discography and wearing black- and-white checkered vans, Sophomore James Ericson is simply not like the 908 other men on the Bowdoin campus. He’s “super different.”
“Yeah, James is wicked cool and different. In fact, I would go so far as to say that he is ​the​ most cool and different guy at Bowdoin. I don’t know if I have ever seen a scrawny white guy wear Vans or solely listen to ‘BLEACH’ or ‘RENTAL’ on repeat, but James does both of those things,” admired a First-Year from his Econ class. “I think it’s super rad that he’s not afraid to be himself.”

“People like James are why I came to Bowdoin, honestly,” added Mary Thompson, Ericson ’s floor-mate. “I love being in a place where a person who is totally unique can be accepted. I mean, have you ever met someone who has a ‘Saturdays Are For The Boys’ banner over his bed? It’s so innovative. Someone who espouses vaguely-liberal political beliefs and claims to be a feminist, but still treats every woman he interacts with like trash? A white kid who has a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sticker on his laptop, and still says the N-word when sining along to hip hop? It’sinspiring.”

Not immune to Ericson’s dashing personality, President Clayton Rose released an official
statement on the Sophomore’s distinct charm: “The Bowdoin community is so proud of James and his willingness to defy the norm and create a version of himself that is definitely not a carbon copy of almost all his male classmates. From his Richard Spencer-esque haircut to his ability to longboard across the quad and not say ‘excuse me’ to a single person he nearly crashes into, James is unlike any other and we are all truly better individuals for being forced to interact with this obnoxious, lanky, man child.”

At press time, Ericson was unavailable for comment as he was “tryna [sic] get fucked uppp [sic]” with “[his] boiiis” at 4:00 PM on a Wednesday.

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