Benihana performs at Fall Concert

By JACOB BASKES Nov. 12, 2018

Students were treated to a magnificent performance in Smith Union Friday night,
courtesy of one of the innovators in modern entertainment: Benihana. Bowdoin
eBoard departed from its traditional selection, scrapping indie rap and L.A. pop for
teppanyaki, where music meets dance meets a scalding hot griddle.

The buildup to the performance was intense. After an opening act in which a
member of Bowdoin Dining prepared the College specialty of Green Curry Mussels
on stage, everybody was dying for the main act. “I just wanted it to be over. I came to
see Berhana, not Emeril,” said Sydney Glad, a sophomore and proclaimed softcore
Southeast indie hip-rap aficionado. “I was so pissed when the one cook left and the
other walked on stage. Wasn’t this supposed to be a concert?”

Yes, Sydney, and it was. The concert of your dreams.

As the teppanyaki chef wheeled his mobile griddle to the middle of the stage, the
collective sigh, certainly of amazement, was clearly audible throughout the crowd.
For some, the anticipation was too much. Many could not handle the heat, and
therefore left. But for those that stayed, whether for curiosity or a burning desire to
watch, but not eat, some flying eggs, the night was one to remember. The air burned
with excitement. It was electric. A symphony of slices and sizzles. A cacophony of
cracking eggs and cutting onions. He even did the thing where he cuts up the onions
and makes a volcano out of it. Holy shit.

The magic was tangible.

On Saturday morning, each member of the eBoard was removed from his or her
position. Plans to bring the voice actor from Scooby Doo for Ivies have also been

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