Polar Points to be Replaced by Randy Nickels

by HOLLY LYNE February 1, 2019

Polar Points, a widely respected form of campus currency, are now retiring after years of devoted service to the College. Students will soon purchase their almond milk lattes with Randy Nickels, the new cryptocurrency named in honor of Bowdoin’s longtime Director of Safety and Security, Randy Nichols.

“The Randy Nickel is an incredibly powerful currency. One Randy Nickel equals about 100 Polar Points,” said Chad Bradwick, President of the Bowdoin Finance Club. “We’re super stoked to see how this new currency revitalizes our campus markets. There might even be derivatives and futures markets!” The College’s Chief Investment Officer, Paula Volent, agreed, saying, “The Randy Nickel is an excellent new innovation for our community.”

Students can cash in their Nickels either by using the Bowdoin App or, for a limited time only, the Mint Edition Solid Gold Randy Nickels Coins™. First-year Becky Montanelli is so excited to start collecting Randy Nickels that she bought a piggy bank for the first time in her life. Previously, Montanelli completed most of her financial transactions on Venmo. “You can buy, like, so many sodas at the C-Store with ONE Randy Nickel. You’ll have chasers for the rest of the year,” gushed Montanelli. “That’s unreal.”

Nichols himself is thrilled to start cashing in his Nickels. “I am deeply grateful to the College for this honor,” he remarked. “I dressed up as George Washington every Halloween as a kid, so to be on a coin like my hero is a dream come true.”

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