Men’s Lacrosse Generously Offers to Host Free-the-Nipple Campaign Event at Off-Campus Residence

by STAFF WRITER | April 9th, 2022

In an incredibly selfless and charitable move, Bowdoin’s Men’s lacrosse team has offered to host an event for the Free-the-Nipple campaign at their off-campus residence. One team representative stated, “As a team we thought about what issues were important to us. We heavily considered the American Red Cross and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. At the end of the day, the Free-the-Nipple campaign is something that is near and dear to our hearts.” The goal of the event is to raise awareness for the campaign by inviting Free-the-Nipple activists from around the Brunswick area to celebrate their liberation. 

A recent poll of the Bowdoin community shows that the Free-the-Nipple campaign has unprecedented support from one half of the student body. The poll found that nearly 98% of Bowdoin men were in favor of women freeing the nipple. This support crossed political lines, with both radical feminists and toxically masculine conservative men supporting the movement. “In such divided times, it is great to see an issue like freeing the nipple bringing people together,” another team representative stated. The event is running into some logistical issues, however, as the unwavering support from Bowdoin men has caused a gender imbalance in the RSVP list. 

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