First-Years “Completely Changed” after Spending Fall Break in Boston

by Spencer Sussman Oct. 12, 2022

Over fall break, many first-year students took a personality defining trip on the Amtrak to explore Boston. There was nothing but anticipation as eight first-year floor mates from Appleton 3rd floor eagerly boarded the Amtrak Downeaster and headed to the big city. After getting immediately rejected and brutally insulted at the door of a MIT frat, losing their 150 dollar fake ID at the first bar in sight, and crashing on the natty light soaked floor of their high school friends cramped double, one first year boldly declared, “This city just feels right for me.” 

This sentiment was shared by other misguided members of their group. “You just gotta love the surprises of a big city!” gloomily remarked an emotional Appleton 3rd resident, who caught his “pretty serious” long distance girlfriend entangled with a BC frat dude who looked at least 26. 

Despite discovering his crippling allergy to shellfish after suffering a violent anaphylactic reaction to a $26 bowl of clam chowder at Quincy Market, another first year reflected positively about his weekend in Boston; “They’re just something about this city man. It speaks to you. It called for me. And I answered.”

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