BOC Rejects Future Funding, Members to Live Off Fat of the Land

By CALLYE BOLSTER April 11, 2016

The Bowdoin Outing Club has been the subject of heavy scrutiny following its alleged mismanagement of campus funds. In response to criticisms, the BOC has opted to reject all future funding from the college.

                           Illustrated by Blanche Froelich

“From now on, we will be living off the fat of the land,” said Outing Club director Mike Woodruff. “We will no longer be reliant on the college’s funds.” For its transportation needs, a group of Outing Club members have already begun an initiative to capture and train wild stallions to bring students out into the Maine wilderness. The Eastern Maine Highway Patrol refused to comment on this use of their roads.

Many campus organizations have shown enthusiastic support for the BOC’s decision to break ties with the Student Activities Funding Committee. The Bowdoin Organic Gardening Club has already donated an acre of soil to help support the BOC’s marijuana fields, a potential vacuum of funding in the past.

The Bowdoin Outing Club’s lack of funding does not appear to worry the organization’s members. “Honestly, the soggy wood we use for food now doesn’t taste too different from the stale Snickers Bars we used to eat,” said one member. “And a few tongue splinters never killed anyone.”

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