12-Year-Old Uses Inappropriate Amount of Word Art in Presentation on Slavery

By HUGO HENTOFF April 14, 2016

12-year-old Jimmy Weston made Mrs. Tenley, his homeroom teacher, uncomfortable after presenting a slideshow on slavery to his 6th grade class that, according to Mrs. Tenley, featured an inappropriate amount of Word Art.

“Mrs. Tenley told us to just have fun with it,” said a classmate of Weston, “which, in retrospect, was a weird thing to tell a class of preteens doing presentations on the institution of slavery.”

Mrs. Tenley was not pleased with Weston’s slide show. “For our next unit on the Holocaust, I will be having Jimmy give an oral presentation so we won’t have a problem like this again. He assured me that he would do well on this next unit, and if he does, I’ll be sure to give him a gold star.”

When asked to comment on the offensive nature of his slideshow, Weston said, “Word Art looks really cool. Slavery is really bad though.”

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