Bowdoin to Offer Math-Free Housing

By SAM LEWIS Nov. 14, 2016

Following the popularity of chem-free floors, Bowdoin ResLife announced Monday that it will be offering math-free housing.

“Some students are uncomfortable around heavy math usage, and Bowdoin should accommodate that,” said Director of ResLife Forest Davidson. “Students upset by titration and redox reactions found a safe space in the chem-free dorms. If a student doesn’t want to sleep where people are deriving the quadratic formula then they shouldn’t have to.”

The admissions office defended the need for math-free housing. “We’re admitting many students who ‘aren’t really numbers people,’ and ‘only took intro calc’ senior year,’ and they may be most comfortable on floors where other students aren’t staying up late and making a racket trying to solve Fermat’s conjecture,” said Dean of Admissions Britney Basque.

                            A threatening sight to many students

One common question on campus is whether students living in math-free housing can still go to College House mathletics events. A first-year student living on a chem-free floor said, “We don’t do chemistry on the floor, but most of us go out to the most lit labs on the weekend. We’re pretty social.” ResLife officials assured students that math-free students would be free to do math—just not on the floor.

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