Howell Faces Punishment for Water Pong Hazing Scandal

By ETHAN BEVINGTON Nov. 15, 2016

Howell, Bowdoin’s chem-free College House, is now facing disciplinary action for pressuring affiliates to engage in games of water pong.

“They took us all down into the dark basement and turned on the lights to reveal a bunch of tables covered in cups set up in triangles,” said one affiliate. “None of us knew what we were supposed to do. They gave us all ping pong balls and made us throw them into the cups full of water. It was terrifying.”

“I can’t believe how much water I had to drink. Imagine if it that had been alcohol. What psycho could drink that much?” said another affiliate. “The house members told us it was what all the cool kids do. I just wanted to be cool.”

Bowdoin College does not tolerate drinking games, no matter how hydrating those games may be

The college has asked Director of Hazing Anjulee Lalani to step down amid the scandal and is looking into severe punishment for the House members.







Image Source: Western New Mexico University

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