Free Speech Activist Hockey Player to Sing Every Word in Every A$AP Ferg Song

By HUGO HENTOFF Apr. 29, 2017

Bowdoin hockey player and free speech activist Chadley Worthington announced today that he will be singing every word to every A$AP Ferg song performed during the Saturday Ivies concert.

“Some people at this school are trying to tell me what I can and can’t sing, and I won’t stand for it,” said Worthington. “I’m going to exercise my constitutional right to yell along to the entire song, not just part of it. And no one can criticize me because that’s in the constitution.”

“I don’t see songs in terms of ‘black’ lyrics and ‘white’ lyrics,” Worthington continued. “To me, it’s all just music. I guess I’m color deaf.”

Although he had not been asked another question, Worthington continued to justify his decision. “It’s just, I don’t believe in musical discrimination, OK? If I sing along to Small Pools then I have to sing every single individual word of every A$AP Ferg song, even if it makes a few people uncomfortable. It’s what Martin Luther King would do.”

A fellow member of the hockey team commented, “Chad uses the n-word a lot anyway, so this really won’t be that different from any other day.”


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