French Pre-School Teachers on the Prowl for Future Presidents


Following the electoral success of Emmanuel Macron, many French pre-school teachers have begun prowling their classrooms for future French presidents.

“What political party do you want to run with when you grow up?”

“Macron’s wife really was the first to exhibit this kind of foresight and date someone twenty four years younger,” said one teacher. “I mean, to stay together after his parents sent him away to Paris because they disapproved of the relationship. That’s love.”

“I’m not that picky,” said another teacher. “I don’t really see age; I could date someone older, my age, or younger. I would honestly marry a fetus if I thought it had a chance of being the next president.”

Some teachers have instituted mock elections to see which children have the potential to be likable politicians. “The ones who bully the Muslim students seem to poll really well,” observed one teacher.

Originally published on College Reaction


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