Only 90s Kids Will Get Evicted From Their Homes Because of Crippling Levels of Student Debt

By ETHAN BEVINGTON Sep. 22, 2017

The 90s were a glorious time of consistent economic growth, great young adult literature, and flawless animated television. Times were simpler. Children played outside and drank from the hose instead of playing on their iPhones while sipping Kombucha. Now, all the children of this Golden Generation are saddled with unprecedented levels of college debt.

Only 90s kids will remember planning their whole life playing MASH and failing to predict the rising price of college that would cause them to take on soul crushing debt.


Only 90s kids will remember buying books from the scholastic books fair handout instead of saving to pay the interest on student loans.Scholastic

Only 90s kids will remember using a paper fortune teller to pick their spouse, who they had no idea would be kidnapped from what they thought was their home in the dead of night when Jimmy Nugs the loan shark came to collect.

Fortune TellerOnly 90s kids will remember how cool Heelys were and wish they had them now to escape from debtors’ prison.Heelys

Only 90s kids will remember wanting more than anything to be slimed on a Nickelodeon program, but now just want a home, or at least a clean cell.


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