BSG Undergoes Restructuring, Still Nobody Knows What the Fuck It Does

By JACK ARNHOLZ Oct. 19, 2017

The Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) has gone through major reorganization for the first time in many years. Yet, many students are still wondering what the fuck it even does.

“I Bowdoinremember electing my representatives to their positions. Several of them knocked on my door at the beginning of the year to beg for my vote,” said first year Charles Dittersdorf. “But, do they, like, do shit?”

Junior Lila Gips said that she learned that the organization had a public comment time in Daggett Lounge on Wednesdays. When she showed up to listen in, however, the room was empty.

“I know they exist,” Gips said. “I mean, look how many posters of themselves they’ve put up this year. And they always throw some sort of almost-fun event right before elections to remind us to vote for them again. They must be real.”

BSG could not be reached for comment as most of its members are currently hospitalized after breaking their arms jerking themselves off.  

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