Student Swiping into Thorne Reminded Guac Is an Extra Swipe

By ARJUN MEHTA Oct. 23, 2017

To the dismay of students, Dining Services announced today that guacamole will now cost an extra meal swipe at Thorne.Student Swiping Into Thorne

Guacamole, colloquially shortened to “guac,” is a popular Mexican condiment that was smuggled over the wall decades ago by curious San Diegans. Now served in homes and restaurants across the United States, guacamole is an all-American favorite made from mashed avocado (those big green berries with pits), onion, and exotic spices.

Some students speculate that the decision stems from the uniquely laborious and expensive avocado mashing process employed by Dining Services. To ensure that each serving of guac is mashed to perfection, student employees empty crates of peeled and pitted avocados into industrial-size bathtubs. After removing their shoes, these dedicated workers stomp on the guac-to-be, letting the mush curl between their toes until it reaches the desired texture. Food critics call this texture, “mouth feel.

Initial reports indicate that the extra meal swipe is absolutely not worth the lackluster, anticlimactic mouth feel the guac has to offer.

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