Student Takes Laxative, Browns Out

By DAN RALSTON Nov. 19, 2017

Bowdoin College first year Tola Stihs browned out last weekend. The following is a timeline of the evening’s events pieced together by friends and loved ones of the student.

10:31pm- First drink for Tola. Unbeknownst to him, this drink contains a lethal dose of industrial-grade laxative.

10:34pm- Tola’s friend, who happens to be at the pregame in his room, says she “um, [has] to go like right now” Unknown

10:35pm- Tola attempts to graze her arm in affection as she walks out, but misses and catches his arm in door.

10:42pm- Rumblings in Tola’s tummy begin. He attributes them to his “third fucking night of Thorne MAINE beef.”

11:03pm- Tola starts to doze off. His body provides a not-so-gentle reminder to excrete waste.

11:04pm- First bathroom explosions are heard by a fellow floor mate on his way to Baxter.

11:11pm- Tola’s first flush of the night.

11:12pm- While washing his hands, diarrhea strikes again. Tola sprints back to the stall.

11:12pm- Second explosion reported by group of girls heading to Lighthouse.

11:52pm- Third floor proctor sees Tola stumble out of the bathroom. Reports: “[Tola] looks like literal shit.”

12:01am- Pre-med student diagnoses Tola as having browned out. Calls Security NonEmergency.

12:12am- Tola gives EMT a nasty surprise during ambulance ride to the hospital.

7:30am- Tola wakes up in hospital and eats 6000 prunes. Browns out again.

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