Heartwarming! Southern Gentleman Roy Moore Goes Door-to-Door Introducing Himself to New Neighborhood

By SANDRO COCITO Dec. 12, 2017

A liberal witch hunt is being directed at GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, and it shows liberal HYPOCRISY at its finest. The respected former Alabama judge is being absolutely hounded for his taste in women, which is frankly just hypocritical coming from the party of TRANSGENDER BATHROOMS and TAXES. While the dishonest liberal media is busy thrashing Roy Moore for how irresistible he is to young WOMEN, they are entirely ignoring the real story: Roy Moore is an absolute Southern gentleman. 170927-michaelson-roy-moore-hero_oijlm1

Just ask his hometown of Gadsden, Alabama. This past week after he moved into his luxurious new condo, Judge Moore went around introducing himself to all of his new neighbors. Would DEMON-CRAT Doug Jones ever do that? No. I’ll answer the question myself. While the coastal elites harp on Roy Moore’s past romances with full-bosomed and comely children, they ignore stories like these from the folks who see him day in and day out. The REAL AMERICANS.

If that doesn’t make Roy Moore a true gentleman and a real man’s man, then I don’t know what does. The real issue here is the lamestream media’s BIASED reporting about our GRAND OLE PARTY boys. They’ll never report that Doug Jones is still shacking up with his WIFE Louise (rhymes with disease?). It’s an open secret that she was once prepubescent, but you’ll never hear that from the demon-crats. The lying left is destroying the soul of this country, and we must defend kindhearted patriot Roy Moore at all costs.


One thought on “Heartwarming! Southern Gentleman Roy Moore Goes Door-to-Door Introducing Himself to New Neighborhood”

  1. I would recommend taking this down! Regardless of if it was intentional or not, this is not original content.


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