College Encourages Group Work During Breeding Period

By JACOB BASKES Dec. 13, 2017

Ahead of finals week, the College has been urging students to work in groups of three or more to fulfill its vision for the “Bowdoin Experience”.

During this long weekend known as “Breeding Period,” there will be private spaces opened up for groups of all different sizes. While the exact schedule is unclear, many have speculated that classrooms in Sills will be padded and available for groups of three to five students. Groups of six or more will have access to the Shannon Room, whipped cream, handcuffs, and a turtle. 867383

The new initiative comes after recent surveys that showed just 7% of students have participated in group work before. The remaining 93% have only dreamed of it.

Many students are excited about the push for this style of study, including Senior James Winnman. “This is the first time at Bowdoin that I’ve felt like I can do it in a group without being judged,” said Winnman. “There’s such a stigma around it at Bowdoin, so I’m glad that the administration is taking a stand.”

But not all students are as excited as Winnman. “Why can’t we just do it the traditional way, like one-on-one?” asked a frustrated student who asked to remain anonymous. “I just worry that I wouldn’t be studying with everyone equally.”

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