Chegg Sends Tasty Snacks With Book Orders

By AINE LAWLOR Jan. 26, 2018

Chegg is providing students with much more than books this Spring semester.

The textbook rental and online study service is sending free samples of Red Bull and Tide laundry pods along with book orders to students across the country this semester. Many — YouTubers and ‘social influencers’ especially — are rejoicing. However, it seems no one has told Chegg that people have in fact been eating these laundry pods for entertainment instead of using them for their intended purpose — personal lubricant.

Bowdoin has yet to see any detergent-related accidents, but campuses across the country have seen many fatal accidents due to the pods. As long as Chegg keeps sending these delicious-looking pods of sweet candy joy, we as an institution must remain alert.

This is a developing story.

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