Red Cross Volunteers Caught “Slapping the Bag” at Blood Drive

By JACOB BASKES Feb. 15, 2018

During Wednesday’s blood drive to benefit The Red Cross, two volunteer technicians were caught participating in “Slap the Bag” in the middle of Smith Union. 

Technicians reportedly started playing the game as the event drew to a close. The game was adapted from the popular college drinking game in which participants drink directly from a bag of wine while slapping it repeatedly.

“It was a fucking mess,” said one student while recovering from her sixth fainting spell of the afternoon. “I woke up for the third or fourth time to see two older women sucking directly out of the bag attached to my arm vein. There was blood spurting everywhere, and they were just giggling like schoolgirls. Like, little vampire schoolgirls. Then I passed out again? I’m not sure. Also what’s going on?” Other students say the women were yelling about how “so fucking hungry, oh my God,” they were, and that the technicians had also completely monopolized the Oreos which were intended for those giving blood.

This was not the first reported incident of blood drive technicians adopting drinking games. Last month, officials at Bates College filed a complaint to The Red Cross after the women asked a student to move from one of the recovery tables so that they could play Two Cup. One week later, a similar complaint was filed at Middlebury after the technicians reportedly played a game of Blood Pong directly over an unconscious student.

Meanwhile, students at Colby joined the technicians in a campus-wide game of Slap Cup. Authorities have yet to comment.

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