If I Don’t Get in to Either Baxter or Howell I’m Not Going to Live in a College House

By K IRVING Feb. 28, 2018

As February draws to a close and first-years intently complete their College House applications, Bowdoin’s campus buzzes with the anticipation of students hoping live in their house of choice next year.

I myself recently completed a house application. I applied without a block, because I was unable to find someone with the same refined taste in houses as me. I guess it’s not popular to only apply to College Houses like Baxter and Howell, like I did.

Throughout this process, I’ve actually felt pretty vilified for the decision to exclude Houses other than Baxter and Howell from my application. I am a student who respects all qualities and walks of life, and thus respects each College House for what they are and the experiences they offer their inhabitants. While some students on this campus would prefer to disregard the fact that the Houses do in fact offer differing experiences, I have chosen to take a candid approach to the process. I understand.

I only applied to Baxter and Howell because, well, they simply offer the quality of life I’m looking for in a College House. I understand that they’re not the kind of house for everybody, but I’d appreciate it if I could be left out of this criticizing narrative simply for applying to the Houses that would make me happiest. My application went really well, in case you’re wondering. My program proposal? Biggest fricking chem-free rager this campus has ever seen.

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