Yesterday May Have Been International Women’s Day, but Don’t Forget Saturdays Are for the Boys

By BROOKE VAHOS Mar. 9, 2017

I’m sure we all saw the Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook posts celebrating the so called “magic” of women yesterday for International Women’s Day. Sure, it was great, but is anyone going to address the elephant in the room? While women are awesome and all, it still stands that the world revolves around men. Plain and simple.

Besides, International Women’s Day is just one day in the whole year, and the boys have every Saturday from January to December booked. That boils down to 52 days for men every year — and that’s not even including Super Bowl Sunday. In addition, guys have their own flag. What do women have? One day.

Also, when you think about it, the day is a meek attempt to undermine men’s empowerment. But it is to no avail. Take first-year Jimmy Tully as an example. “Honestly,” he told The Harpoon, “International Women’s Day gave me the chance to post this picture with my mom where I looked pretty good. Also it shows girls that I’m a sensitive guy, but not, like, too sensitive.” Not even International Women’s Day is safe from the overpowering strength of men to somehow make everything theirs.

Thursday may have been a day to celebrate women, but it’s clear that it was just a poor attempt at distracting from the boys’ first Saturday of Spring Break 2k18. At least now that it’s over we can turn our attention back to Saturday. So sit back, relax, and crack a cold one open for the boys tomorrow, because Saturdays — and every other day — are for the boys.

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