Aspiring Law Student Late to Mock Interview

By JARED COLE Mar. 28, 2018

Current Bowdoin sophomore and aspiring law student Michael Duncan was late to his first mock interview in an effort to treat the situation as realistically as possible.

The Career Planning Center implemented the mock interview program to give students a chance to prepare for real job interviews from real law firms. While the other law student hopefuls arrived at their mock interviews with time to review their notes and use the bathroom, Duncan had other ideas.

“I wanted this to feel real. Let’s be honest, I’m gonna be at least five to ten minutes late. It’s called strategy. I know that when the real job interview comes, I’ll already have a few offers on the table, so showing up fashionably late signifies that I’m interested in the job, but they’re gonna have to make me a great offer,” Duncan explained. “You could say I play hard to get.” Duncan currently maintains a 3.1 GPA and does not demonstrate leadership capabilities in any of his extra-curricular activities.

Duncan left his room in Helmreich House a strategic two minutes before the interview was set to begin. En route to the Career Planning Center, he took a four minute detour to perform his pre-game warmup ritual to the song “Bird Machine” by DJ Snake. Finally, Duncan strode up the Smith Union steps with the confidence of a young Hercules.

Bursting into the interview room without knocking, Duncan threw mock interviewer Dighton Spooner a casual wink before sitting down. “Wow me,” began the sophomore.

To everyone’s surprise, Duncan did not end up landing the job at the mock law firm.

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