Housing Lottery Tickets on Sale Monday at the Student Activities Desk!

By ELIZA JEVON Apr. 9, 2018

Come get your tickets before they sell out fast! Only 1,800 left!

Just $6,604 per academic year! Pay by cash, credit, or check addressed to The Bowdoin Harpoon. Victory pot TBA, but probably will include some loose change and a beer.

Must be 18 years or older old to play.

Everyone wins (except if you live in Mayflower)!

This offer not available at other desks (including Buck desk, Farley desk, Thorne swipe-in desk and Moulton swipe-in desk (do NOT let Irene convince you otherwise (but also please don’t hurt her feelings (any hurting of Irene’s feelings will result in the nullification of your lottery ticket)))).

Not affiliated with Lisa Rendall. Please refer all inquiries regarding ticket validity to the Orient House at 12 Cleaveland St.

For specific rules and regulations, do NOT ask Irene. Please.

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