I Didn’t Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Take the Teacher Certification Test Just to Become a Teacher

By DAVID FIX May 2, 2018

I did not put myself through years of college for a major in Education, study for months before finally passing the Teacher Certification Test, and apply for teaching positions at ten different schools just so that I could end up becoming a teacher. Teachers hardly earn a livable salary, so I have to find other odd-jobs on the side like baking pastries at Panera Bread and selling coke. If only I could enter a higher-paying field, like orthodontia, but most people say that I’m too “unqualified” to be an orthodontist, yet somehow “qualified” to be a teacher. I just don’t get it.

I majored in Education because my life-long dream has been to work with children in classrooms and tell them things while they listen. Maybe they even write what I am saying down in a notebook. I say memorable things. Perhaps I assign them tasks to do when they go home for the night. That is what I have always wanted… not to become a measly teacher! God, I hate having to wake up and go to school every day, knowing that those little fucking brats will be there waiting for me, slowly but surely feeding off of the small amount of love and happiness left in my heart.

Honestly, I may just quit soon. I did not go through years of studying and preparation for this kind of lifestyle. I went through it for a lifestyle more akin to that of a babysitter, or even a daycare worker. Maybe I’ll go back to college. I have always wanted to go to med school, but I don’t know what I would do with that sort of degree. Be a doctor? Ha, ok. As if I would want to do that!

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